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Hell's Highway on Maximum PC

10.30.07 - Allison

Maximum PC has posted an article called "11 games that will punish your PC ," in which our upcoming Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway gets a worthy mention.  If you haven't seen it recently, check out the latest screens .  Even though Hell's Highway may be capable of melting your face, don't worry, it will still be scalable as possible for those without monstrous machines (not to mention available on PC, 360, and PS3)   :) 


"This year’s crop of games delivers all the pulse-pounding action we’ve come to crave beneath a candy shell of glorious graphics—the likes of which we’ve never seen before."




Games for Windows Feature!

10.26.07 - Allison

Gearbox is featured in the most recent issue of Games for Windows Magazine.  The article contains exclusive information about Borderlands and Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway, an interview with Randy Pitchford, and exclusive screenshots from both games!


Check out the Game for Windows site for information on how to subscribe or visit your nearest newsstand to pick up the issue!

Gearbox Software announces our development of a Wii Samba de Amigo installment - press release inside!

New Borderlands Screens

10.17.07 - Allison
Some new Borderlands screenshots have made their way to the internet! Check them out here!
Borderlands has half a million guns (and counting) - so who's going to make all of them?  Read on in our first in a series of interviews with the Borderlands development team and meet the minds behind the game.

Ask Gearbox Vol. 5

10.12.07 - Allison
Find out more about your favorite Gearbox employees in this brand new Ask Gearbox!

If not Bungie...

10.08.07 - Allison

All the gaming news sites have been abuzz about Bungie's recent announcement that they're going independent and probably leaving behind their Halo days.  So, if Bungie isn't going to make the next Halo game, who is?  Well, there's a lot of speculation out there, and Gearbox has made several lists of "who we (the gaming community) would like to see do the next Halo."  We're quite honored to see ourselves mentioned in quite a few places - check out these links for more:


 MTV Multiplayer


Voodoo Extreme 




First HH Achievement Unlocked!

10.05.07 - Allison
This week at Gearbox, the very first achievement in Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway was unlocked!  In fact, this marks the unlocking of the very first achievement ever at Gearbox!

Hell's Highway NOT Cancelled!

10.02.07 - Allison

Hey everyone, I know this may be a little late, but for those who have not seen it and heard rumors on the internet about Hell's Highway being cancelled: it most certainly has not!  Production is still going at full steam, and sites that posted this rumor have been corrected


Our own community forums double confirm that Hell's Highway is still coming along - Randy posts there as DuvalMagic .