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Borderlands Script Reading

11.30.07 - Allison
We snuck in to a reading of the Borderlands scripts and snapped some photos of the voice actors and team!

Back to Work!

11.26.07 - Allison
Hi everyone, we at Gearbox hope that all of you who celebrate Thanksgiving had a great holiday!  We're back in the office after our short vacation, so Gearboxity will be returned to the regular once-a-week update schedule this week!  Happy Belated Turkey Day :)

Oct/Nov Game of the Month

11.16.07 - Allison
Gearbox's Game of the Month continues!

New Borderlands Interview

11.12.07 - Allison

1up has posted an in-depth interview with Randy about Borderlands - read on to learn more about weapons, the story backdrop, and more about the Borderlands universe!


"There's a lot that's crafted about Borderlands, but there's also some procedural randomness to some of the things that could happen."


Rain Blog

11.09.07 - Allison
Sound designer Mark Kilborn discusses creating believable, realistic, and efficient audio for a thunderstorm in Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway. Find out what goes in on the minds of sound design on Hell's Highway!
The second in our series of interviews with the Borderlands team.  Kyle Pittman uses the magic of code to make Borderlands vehicles go!

GBX-o-ween 2007

11.01.07 - Allison
Photos of Gearbox's 2007 Halloween celebration in the office, complete with costume contest awards!