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Game Informer Interviews Randy!

04.30.07 - Allison

An interview with Randy appears in this month's issue of Game Informer!  Head to the nearest news stand to read Randy's responses to questions about Hell's Highway and Aliens, our two upcoming titles!





We've added a new position on our jobs page - Gearbox is now looking for single- and multi-player level designers!  Check the job out here!


Don't forget to check out the rest of the positions available at Gearbox and our contractor program.  Get in the box!


Spybox 2.0

04.24.07 - Allison
The Web Team uses advanced spy technology to attempt to acquire brand new information about the upcoming Brothers in Arms game!

Dear Internet TV

04.20.07 - Allison
Eli knows the secret of Lost and you don't.

Gearbox Mailbag

04.17.07 - Allison
Part of my job is answering the "interesting" e-mails that we get at Gearbox on a day-to-day basis.  Here are some of the good ones.

Ask Gearbox Vol. 1

04.17.07 - Allison
First issue of our brand new series where YOU get to ask Gearbox.  Join us to learn all you ever wanted to know and more from the minds of Gearbox.

In Remembrance

04.16.07 - Allison

I've just received some unfortunate news from the Colonel.  His message is as follows:


" It is with great sadness to announce that Lieutenant Colonel Ron Speirs, US Army (Ret.),  passed away this past week.  As I was told it was unexpected.  You may remember that Speirs was portrayed in the HBO  Band of Brothers series.  Speirs was a platoon leader in D Co, 506th PIR and later commanded E Co during the Battle of the Bulge. He also commanded a rifle company in the Korean War and eventually retired as a Lieutenant Colonel.

Another member of the Greatest Generation has passed his final muster. May he rest in peace.



To learn more about Lieutenant Colonel Ron Speirs, please visit his Wikipedia entry


From the Art Department

04.09.07 - Allison
The internets may be interested in this blog that came to me via a magical dancing robot with a nametag that said "fate".

Weekday Warrior

04.09.07 - Allison
Learn about the IGF award-winning mod that Gearbox's own Hilary Kauder and Andrew Coggin helped develop!


04.06.07 - Allison
Alex takes a stab at this blog thing

Gearbox and Ubisoft are proud to announce that we're bringing Brothers in Arms to the DS and the Wii!


The DS will receive a title called Brothers in Arms: DS, and the Wii will receive Brothers in Arms: Double Time, which will feature all 31 Brothers in Arms levels!


Read the official press release here 


Gearboxity Making Waves!

04.03.07 - Allison

Gearboxity hasn't even been alive for a whole day, and we're already getting attention all over the internets!  We're so excited that people are receiving the site well and want to give a shout-out to some of the places that are helping get the word out.  We are really excited about getting new and interesting content out to the community, and the more people see it the better!  The awesome people at these places showed us some love with news:


And apparently everyone loves Simon's blog about his Wii (if you haven't read it, it's hilarious! )  There's talk about it in tons of forums, which is awesome!  People at the following places were seen talking about the Wii blog:

We're even getting a lot of attention from all around the world!


Thanks to everyone out there, and stay tuned - we'll be bringing you more news, articles, and blogs about the culture and community of Gearbox! 


Main Characters

04.03.07 - Allison
Oh, sweet, luscious freedom!  The doors of Gearboxity have swung open upon the hinges of unabashed, adjective-laden, Blog- blog… Blogoxity?  Blognocity?