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BiA Ubidays Video Interview

07.30.07 - Allison
The Fragdolls UK have posted a video interview with Randy and the Colonel from Ubidays.  Check out the video to see them discuss the new features and history of Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway!

E3 2007

07.27.07 - Allison
Randy discusses his experiences at this year's E3 - what he showed and told the various press about Hell's Highway, their reactions, and a bit about some environments new to Hell's Highway

Community Spotlight: BiA

07.27.07 - Allison
The Brothers in Arms community digs around to uncover real-life locations featured in the Hell's Highway, with a little help from the devs.

E3 2007 Photo Album

07.20.07 - Allison
Check out this week's feature to get a look at the photos we took this year at E3!

10 Things About Hell's Highway

07.17.07 - Allison
We've spotted a thread over at Evilavatar with 10 facts you may not know about Hell's Highway.  Check out the thread to learn them.  It looks like we've got some fans over there :)

E3 Coverage Roundup

07.16.07 - Allison

Well, another E3 has come to a close, and that means new articles and information about Hell's Highway.  If you haven't read the following articles yet, check them out for information about threat indication (the much-discussed "red screen"), gameplay, and the cinematic quality of the story and visuals.










Don't forget to check out Gametrailers and TeamXbox for the latest Hell's Highway videos! 


Ed Peniche - Ten Feet Tall

07.13.07 - Allison
A series of video clips from a Gearbox-assembled video of Ed Peniche, a WWII veteran who served in the 101st Airborne Division.  The accomplished veteran recalls the war, his brotherhood with fellow soldiers, and the trials he faced.

E307 Coverage Begins!

07.11.07 - Cynthia

E3 2007 coverage begins with this preview of Hell's Highway! Check it out here:


Games, Robots, and Pizza

07.06.07 - Allison
A look inside the Gearbox company party!

Objectives and You!

07.06.07 - Allison
Where gameplay and story collide!