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ATi has released a hotfix for an issue that some players with ATi HD cards were experiencing during the Black Friday level in Hell's Highway - if you are one of those affected, please download this hotfix!

Connect with Gearbox

10.27.08 - Allison
Don't feel close enough to Gearbox?  Join us on some of your favorite sites to get news from Gearbox the way you want to!
The folks over at Cinemablend (who did a week's worth of features on Borderlands), have posted screenshot comparisons of Borderlands and Fallout 3.  Check it out to look at screens from both of these highly anticipated games in close proximity.

Gearbox's First Music Reviews

10.16.08 - Allison

Gearbox has released the soundtracks to Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30, Earned in Blood, and Hell's Highway for purchase.  We've had many requests from fans for the soundtracks, and now they are available for everyone!  Check out the reviews for Gearbox's first official music releases!


Road to Hill 30 Soundtrack Review


Earned in Blood Soundtrack Review


Hell's Highway Soundtrack Review 

A recent blog titled "Are Critics Gamers?  I Think Not Edition"  written by Keith Boesky uses Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway as an extended example throughout the piece about whether game critics are out of touch with the average gamer.  Keith Boesky, former president of Eidos and owner of Boesky & Company, has a long history of experience in the game industry.  We found the blog interesting and wanted to share with you!

Who Is Borderlands VI

10.07.08 - Allison
In this edition of Who is Borderlands, we talk to Jonathan Hemingway, a Game Designer on Borderlands.  Learn what it takes to come up with mechanics and balance them out in a game like Borderlands!

Borderlands Week on Cinemablend

10.06.08 - Allison just ran a five-day feature on Borderlands, focusing on a different aspect of the game each day.  Check out the series to catch up on Borderlands info:


Day 1 - Guns

Day 2 -  Vehicles

Day 3 - Characters 

Day 4 - the RPS 

Day 5 - Ahead of the Pack 


Hell's Highway Reviews, Round 2

10.03.08 - Allison
More reviews pour in for Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway - check them out!