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BiA Short Story

11.18.08 - Allison
Armchair General has posted a short story adapted from the Colonel's new Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway novel.  Check it out for a glimpse of the novel - and, of course, more story in the BiA setting that you love!

Interview with the Colonel

11.14.08 - Allison
The Colonel has had an interview with the Omaha Herald in which he discusses his work with Brothers in Arms and how he came to Gearbox.  Enjoy this look at what the Colonel contributes to the Brothers in Arms series!

Gearbox Wants YOU!

11.13.08 - Allison
We're looking for a ton of focus testers to come in and give us their feedback - and YOU could be one of them!

PC Gamer Rates HH

11.06.08 - Allison

PC Gamer, who withheld scoring Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway until they received the final game, has released their score for Hell's Highway: 93% - an Editor's Choice game!  To read the review in full, you'll have to get a copy of the physical magazine.  



"Riveting tactical warfare, diverse level environments; one of the most cinematic shooter stories ever."




GBX-o-ween 2008

11.04.08 - Allison
It's that time again - Gearbox carves pumpkins, dresses up, and has another happy Halloween party, and here are the pictures as proof!