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Gaming-Esquire I

02.29.08 - Allison
First installation of a new feature from Gearbox's VP and General Counsel, where he discusses legal matters related to gaming.  This article discusses a proposed tax on games and consoles in Wisconsin.

BiA History Book and Novel

02.22.08 - Allison
Brothers in Arms will be coming to bookstores near you in the form of a fictional novel and a nonfiction history book written by Colonel John Antal!
The March issue of OXM magazine features an article about the top 50 games of 2008.  Gearbox has managed to nab two of those top 50 spots with Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway and Borderlands - go Gearbox!  Visit OXM's website or pick up the magazine off your local newsstand!

New HH Exclusive Screen!

02.15.08 - Allison
There's a brand new exclusive Hell's Highway screenshot on our forums - click here to jump to the thread to see it!

Aliens Unveiled

02.14.08 - Allison
Gearbox scores another Game Informer cover - get the world's first look at Aliens: Colonial Marines in the March issue!

Two Weeks is a Lot of Time

02.13.08 - Allison
After a brief step away to welcome a new family member, Scott V. reflects on how quickly move in production.

Community Spotlight

02.08.08 - Allison
A look at recent posts by the Gearbox developers on our forums and interesting posts made by our community.  Get involved with Gearbox on our forums!

Randy's "Dream Gig"

02.04.08 - Allison
Randy's made a somewhat cryptic and very exciting post on our forums about a new opportunity at Gearbox.  Though details are sparse, he's looking for top-of-the-line talent for an undisclosed project - read the post for more information!
Our continuing series of interviews with the Borderlands team features programmer Patrick Deupree.  Read on to learn more about Borderlands and what Patrick brings to the table!