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Join Us at Ubidays!

05.27.08 - Allison
You're invited to the Ubidays 2008 opening conference!  Read on for details and information!

BiA Comic Gets Great Reviews!

05.23.08 - Allison

The Brothers in Arms comic, written by Mike Neumann and illustrated by David Fabbri, has been getting tons of positive attention from comics reviewers.  The most recent review at Comics Bulletin gives BiA #1 a perfect score!


"I honestly couldn’t put this book down and I’ve read it twice more and even dusted off the old game."


Ask for Brothers in Arms #1 from your local comic outlet or order the comics online!


Discuss this news on our forum! 


Samba de Amigo Trailer!

05.23.08 - Allison
The first trailer for Samba de Amigo has hit the internet - check it out for some gameplay, music, and a monkey with maracas!  Discuss the new trailer on our forums!

Community Spotlight

05.21.08 - Allison
Time for another look at what our community is up to - read to see recent developer posts and goings-on in the Gearbox community!

BiA Comic Gets an A+!

05.19.08 - Allison
Paperback reader has given the first issue of the Brothers in Arms comic an A+ rating, saying "A thick book, with finely crafted artwork, including a brilliant closing shot of the channel crossing, this book hits the sweet spot of fiction and reality."  Head to your local comic store or order Brothers in Arms issue #1 today - you'll be glad you did!

Ask Gearbox Vol. 8

05.09.08 - Allison
A brand new installment of Ask Gearbox, where you can read answers to burning questions from your favorite Gearbox developers!

BiA on Gametrailers!

05.05.08 - Allison

The media flood continues with a video interview on GametrailersTV - check it out for tons of never-before-seen video goodness from Hell's Highway!


If you haven't checked out the forums recently but are looking for BiA news, forums member lowjunen has been maintaining a thread that lists all the recent BiA coverage with dates - now you can know if you missed anything!