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Forum Maintenance Tomorrow

01.28.09 - Allison
The Gearbox Software forums will be offline briefly tomorrow around 6am CST for routine maintenance, so don't worry if you can access them for a short while.
Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway is nominated for an award by the AIAS!

Gearbox Gear Store Live!

01.23.09 - Allison
The brand new Gearbox Store is online - get Gearbox t-shirts now!

Gearbox Holiday Photos 2008

01.09.09 - Allison
Check out the photos from Gearbox's 2008 holiday party!

Aliens Article on GamesRadar

01.07.09 - Allison
GamesRadar has posted an article about the upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines.  Check it out!

Borderlands makes an appearance on Shacknews' The Year Ahead: PC Gaming in 2009 list!


"Described as 'Halo meets Diablo,' Gearbox's Borderlands is looking like a winning combination in theory. Running dungeons in co-op mode, with the promise of randomized guns and vehicular craziness, could make for a terrible new addiction."