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The third Borderlands DLC has been officially announced!

Borderlands DLC Hints

01.22.10 - Allison
Jason "haTts" Reiss has let slip a little tease for upcoming Borderlands content on our community forum, letting users know that more content is coming (along with updates for fixes), and that the level cap is going up!  When we have more official information about upcoming content, you'll see it here on Gearboxity!

IGN on Borderlands' Success

01.20.10 - Allison
IGN has posted a brief story on the success of Borderlands; featuring North American sales numbers and comments from Randy about being loyal to gamers and the future of the series.  We're proud to have done so well and are excited that gamers are so enthusiastic about Borderlands!

Borderlands has been nominated for a Game Developers Choice award in the Best Visual Art category!  The GDC awards are selected by a group of 500 game creators from all over the games industry.  You can find out who wins on Thursday, March 11th!  Go Borderlands!


BiA:HH: Training Aid?

01.15.10 - Allison
Off Duty Gamers has posted an article about the possibility of using Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway as an aid to teach soldiers the basics of infantry squad tactics.  The game's focus on authenticity and military strategy makes it a more viable addition to military training than almost any game to date, and the author points out Gearbox's dedication to authenticity and the attention to detail in the game.  You can read the whole article on the Off Duty Gamers site!

Borderlands has made quite a few appearances in the latest issue of Game Informer, which includes their 2009 "Best of" article.  Borderlands won "Best Co-op" from both their staff and their readers, and is mentioned on 11 of their editors' top ten lists!  Gearbox is listed as #6 on their top ten developers of the year, as well!  It's awesome to see Borderlands and Gearbox all over this article!  For the full article, check out Game Informer 202 (Feb. 2010) - you can visit their site to learn how to obtain the publication, or find it soon on newsstands!




Mad Moxxi Available NOW!

01.07.10 - Allison
Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot is available on all platforms!

MSNBC has given Borderlands their award for Best Art Direction in 2009 - you can check out their other winners and their segment on Borderlands here!