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Borderlands Enemy Survey

03.12.10 - Allison
Gearbox wants to know what you think!  Share your Borderlands feedback about enemies with us by filling out this survey!  A few random participants will even receive some Gearbox swag.  Keep your eyes open for future surveys - your chance to tell us what you thought about Borderlands!

Borderlands at SXSW!

03.11.10 - Allison
Going to SXSW?  You won't want to miss this presentation by our very own Jimmy Sieben and Matthew Armstrong about weapons in Borderlands!  Learn more about the tech behind Borderlands 87 bazillion guns as they walk through the creation of a gun and talk about the design elements and technical systems behind the guns!  Check them out Monday at 3:30 - more information on the SXSW site!

Interview: Gearbox FX Team

03.03.10 - Allison
I sat down and talked with the FX team here at Gearbox - the guys responsible for the tech effects, gore, and all the special effects that lend so much to Borderlands bold style and sense of humor!  Learn more about FX in Borderlands and even pick up a few pointers about getting into the industry!