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Anthony Burch Joins GBX!

04.28.10 - Allison

Anthony Burch, the creator of Hey Ash Whatcha Playin (you can watch them all here using their filters) and writer at Destructoid, has joined the Gearbox team!  You can read his farewell post at Destructoid, which contains his proposal to his girlfriend (that little "YES!" strawberry? Her answer).  A heartwarming tale!  We're big fans of Anthony and are extremely excited to welcome him to the Gearbox team!


Brothers in Arms: Double Time features the first two Brothers in Arms games, Road to hill 30 and Earned in Blood, and is now playable on the Mac platform! We're extremely excited to bring the award-winning tactical shooters to a brand new audience with the help of Feral Interactive. To learn more about Brothers in Arms: Double Time, visit Apple's page for the game!


Claptrap Sound Bites!

04.20.10 - Allison
We sent Major Nelson a collection of 16 Claptrap sound bites that you can use as ringtones, message notifications, or whatever else you'd like!  Head on over to Major Nelson's blog to pick up the sound clips.

Randy Interview on Edge!

04.15.10 - Allison

Randy has an interview posted on Edge magazine's site about Borderlands' DLC!  Check it out to learn more about our DLC - the production, our goals, and the impact of community feedback on our development!


"I've made a lot of games in my career, and generally what happens, particularly with games with a fairly linear approach, is that by the time you're done with it, you've exhausted your own joy from the thing you've created. But with Borderlands we were still really enjoying playing the game and making it. It was kind of a renaissance at Gearbox: the nature of the game allowed so much freedom and creativity across the team."


There's an interview up with Claptrap about his upcoming action figure with NECA, who are currently creating the figure.  Enjoy some banter with your favorite Borderlands robot and learn more about how and when YOU can take one home for yourself!


Borderlands DLC Pack Available!

04.06.10 - Allison

The Borderlands Add-on Pack, which includes Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot and The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned DLCs for Borderlands, is available today at North American retailers!  Expand your Borderlands experience with these two great DLCs!  You can find them at Gamestop, Amazon, or nearly any video game retailer!