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Gearbox at PAX Prime!

08.20.10 - Adam Fletcher
Gearbox will be at PAX Prime this year!

Come check us out

Sunday, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM, Pegasus Theatre

Gearbox Software, developers of Borderlands, Brothers in Arms, Aliens: Colonial Marines and others, appear once again to candidly talk with PAX about everything they are involved with! Jump in for juicy exclusives, surprising disclosures, unbelievable scoops and behind the scenes access on what Gearbox is up to - straight from the source. Have a first hand look at live presentations and never before seen footage of upcoming Gearbox releases! A question and answer session will give YOU the chance to address the rumors and tell the team what you want to see from Gearbox next!

Panelists include: Randy Pitchford [CEO, Gearbox Software], Brian Martel [Executive Vice President, Gearbox Software], Mikey Neumann [Creative Director, Gearbox Software]

You can check the full PAX schedule here
PAX Schedule
We have announced with 2K that Claptrap's New Robot Revolution will be the next installment of DLC for Borderlands.

The DLC will include new missions, new enemies, more backpack slots, more skill points and more. The DLC will be available this September on Xbox Live for 800 points, and Playstation Network and PC for $9.99.

Borderlands Patch 1.31 for PC/Steam has been released!

Patch notes are below.

Update 1.31 notes:
- Added support for Logitech LCD screens on the G13 gameboard and G15/G19 Keyboards
- Added Steam Achievements

For more information on the patch please see the PC Update Notes thread on our forums.
PC Update Notes