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You've got questions. We've got answers and love hearing from our fans. That's why, every so often, we reach into the Gearbox Mailbag and have the Gearbox Software crew--the world's foremost experts on all things Gearbox Software--respond to a few questions right here on Gearboxity.

In today's edition of the Gearbox Mailbag, your questions about Duke Nukem Forever, Aliens: Colonial Marines, visiting our office and more!


Important Duke Nukem Forever News

03.24.11 - Chris Faylor

A very special message from Gearbox Software about Duke Nukem Forever. Click to watch.

A note from Randy with more about the video and the change can be found here.

Duke in EGMi

03.22.11 - Chris Faylor

The latest issue of EGMi is out today and features Duke Nukem Forever. Click here to read it!


Duke Action Figure

03.18.11 - Chris Faylor

NECA Toys has revealed the packaging for its forthcoming Duke Nukem action figure! Come get some!


Photos from PAX East 2011

03.15.11 - Chris Faylor

Hit up the Duke Nukem Facebook for pictures from the Duke Nukem Forever Booth at PAX East 2011.

Also, be sure to head on over to the Borderlands Facebook to see some of the awesome Borderlands cosplay done by fans!


Duke on X-Play!

03.15.11 - Chris Faylor

March Mayhem: Vote Gearbox!

03.14.11 - Chris Faylor

The Escapist has kicked off the first round of its annual March Mayhem Tournament. Vote Gearbox!

Welcome to The Escapist's 2011 March Mayhem: Developer's Showdown, where the top 64 developers go head-to-head to see who is the best. Our elimination style tournament has started and won't end until 1 developer remains and it's up to the community of gamers and fans from around the world to ...MORE

Duke's All New Site

03.10.11 - Chris Faylor

The official Duke Nukem Forever site has a new look and tons of fresh content. Head on over to and check it out!


Duke Nukem Forever will be playable at PAX East (Booth 936!) this weekend, and if you're coming, here's your chance to skip the line.

When Duke hit PAX Prime in 2010, people waited in line for hours for their chance to play. The line was so long, in fact, that it took over two minutes just to walk its entire length!

At PAX East 2011, a select few will have the opportunity to bypass the line entirely. For your chance to be among those select, hit up the official contest page.


Duke Nukem Meets ...Charlie Sheen?!

03.04.11 - Chris Faylor

What happens if you combine Duke Nukem and Charlie Sheen?

MTV has the (fictional) answer, and it is winning.


Balls of Steel Back at Amazon!

03.04.11 - Chris Faylor has re-opened pre-orders for the limited-run Duke Nukem Forever: Balls of Steel Edition. Get yours before they're gone!


Germany's ratings board, the USK, has assigned Duke Nukem Forever an 18 rating with no cuts or edits. In other words, the German version will be uncensored!

Additionally, the German version of Duke Nukem Forever will be playable in both German and English. Hail to the king, baby!