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Recently, we announced that Aliens: Colonial Marines has a worldwide release date of February 12, 2013.

Today, we're unveiling details on the Aliens: Colonial Marines Collector's Edition and the bonuses fans can receive by pre-ordering the game ...READ MORE


Community Day 2012

05.30.12 - Chris Faylor

This year's Gearbox Community Day is on September 15, 2012 in Dallas, TX!


Randy Pitchford and the Perfect Shuffle

05.29.12 - Chris Faylor

Randy Pitchford and the Perfect Shuffle at Kotaku AU sees Gearbox CEO and President Randy Pitchford talking about his days as a magician and its similarities to game design.

Before Randy Pitchford became the President of Gearbox, before he released Borderlands, before he worked on Duke Nukem 3D in the mid 90s — before all of that Randy Pitchford was a magician. A very good one. We spoke to Randy about his past, and how somehow managed to transition so seamlessly from magic to game design. READ MORE...

Aliens: Colonial Marines has a definitive launch date and a new trailer! For more on this exciting news, here's Gearbox Software CEO and President Randy Pitchford ...READ MORE


Borderlands 2 FAQ Update

05.17.12 - Chris Faylor

The Borderlands 2 FAQ has been updated with a wealth of new information, including new details on the special editions of Borderlands 2 and where they can be ordered from!


Back at PAX East, we unveiled the first few details on our two special editions of Borderlands 2 and promised to reveal more as soon as we could. Well, today is that day plus more! We are proud to announce that we have our final cover art for Borderlands 2 ...READ MORE


On Aliens: CM Multiplayer

05.09.12 - Chris Faylor

Check out the PlayStation.Blog for the latest on the competitive multiplayer of Aliens: Colonial Marines!

While we know a good bit about the game’s tense single-player campaign, details about its multiplayer component have remained frustratingly elusive. So we took to Twitter and posed @PlayStation followers a simple question — what do you want to know about the multiplayer mode in Aliens: Colonial Marines?

We received a flood of questions — some insightful, some maniacally detail-oriented — and presented them to Gearbox Software Multiplayer Producer Chris Brock. Though Gearbox is keeping tight-lipped concerning certain specific details for the game, some of your questions did manage to penetrate their veil of secrecy with all the effectiveness of a 10mm explosive-tipped pulse rifle round. Read on to learn more.


A Borderlands Birthday

05.09.12 - Chris Faylor

"Gearbox's Randy Pitchford was kind enough to chat with Tristan, my now 11-year-old son, at PAX East earlier this year," writes Brian Crecente, News Editor at Polygon. "Since then Tristan has become a bit of a Borderlands fan. He likes it so much that he asked for a Borderlands cake this year."

Happy birthday, Tristan!


In the News

05.04.12 - Chris Faylor

Two great articles on our upcoming games!

Back to Pandora: Hands-on with 'Borderlands 2' at USA Today

Earlier this week, I revisited the world of Pandora through a demo of Borderlands 2. Based on one of the game's missions, the sequel appears as entertaining and as explosive as the original.

If this is your first trip through Borderlands, here's a quick recap: The original followed four mercenaries traveling to the world of Pandora to find a legendary alien vault.

Fast-forward to Borderlands 2 and its four new treasure hunters, now tasked with saving Pandora from the Hyperion Corporation and its CEO, Handsome Jack. ...READ MORE

The Next Aliens Video Game Will Change the Way We See Aliens and Alien3 on Kotaku

The next Aliens video game counts. It's canon. And the people who are making it think it might finally solve some key mysteries in the film—and even make the films a bit better.

"It's all connected together," Randy Pitchford, head of Gearbox Software said to me recently, as we sat down in a convention hall in Boston to chat about Aliens: Colonial Marines, the big new game his team has been working on ...READ MORE


Borderlands Action Figures

05.02.12 - Chris Faylor

The upcoming Borderlands action figures are now available for pre-order in the Gearbox Shop!


New Office Photos

05.02.12 - Chris Faylor

More updates have been posted on the official Facebook pages for Aliens: Colonial Marines ( and Borderlands 2 ( including additional details on our Pulse Rifle and a look at some fan-made Claptrap costumes!