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Join Us At PAX East

03.20.14 - Gearbox Staff

Headed to PAX East next month? Start your Sunday morning off right and come hang out with the Gearbox team. Spend an hour with us and our special guests as we chat more about Borderlands and Homeworld! 

After the panel, make sure to head to the Queue Room for a meet and greet.  Oh, and don’t forget about all the great surprises that we have for our community! 

For full details, click here.


We’re making it even easier for you to send more items from LootTheWorld (out now on iOS / Android in the U.S.) to Borderlands 2!

Previously, the only way to stock up on LootTheWorld stamps was to wait around for the release of replenishment QR codes. From now on, after you use up all of your stamps, three happy new stamps will soon show up in your inventory. Continue to use your stamps wisely though, as users will only be eligible for a restock once every seven days.  

For more information and assistance with LootTheWorld, Borderlands 2 and / or SHiFT, please visit


Top o’ the mornin’ to you!

In case you missed them last year, the Zaford clan has once again decided to take a break from binge drinking and Hodunk killing to hand out some skins for your favorite Vault Hunters. You can use the codes below to score special green skins for your characters, plus get a sweet Chulainn SMG sent straight to your backpack.

To get the goods, enter these SHiFT codes in Borderlands 2:

  • PC / Mac Zaford Gear SHiFT Code: 5JWT3-3H5FB-SCBX5-TJ3JB-H5R6X
  • Xbox 360 Zaford Gear SHiFT Code: K3C33-633S6-BKW56-56BBT-X9X9X
  • PlayStation 3 Zaford Gear SHiFT Code: W3KTJ-H9H3H-FHR5B-9BCJB-36ZZ6

Each skin will be available in the Quick Change station, and your shiny new Chulainn SMG will appear in the backpack and be the same level of the first character you load after code redemption.

Redeem these while you can since they won’t be around forever. If you have any trouble, find help and assistance on


Have you been waiting to hear more details about Tales from the Borderlands, our collaboration with Telltale Games? If so, we have good news!

At SXSW in Austin, TX this weekend, members of the Telltale team joined Gearbox’s Anthony Burch and Matt Armstrong to reveal the first details about Tales, including characters, story, and much more. It was pretty awesome.

If you couldn’t make it, don’t worry; Polygon has a full recap of everything the panel covered, or you can watch it yourself on YouTube.

As you’d imagine, there are plenty of additional details still to come, so keep an eye on @Gearboxsoftware and our Facebook page for the latest updates, plus be sure to check in with our friends at Telltale and 2K.


Today, we're excited to begin sharing details about the Homeworld Remastered Collection through a new site at

Previously, we'd been referring to this effort as Homeworld HD but as work progressed it became clear that title didn't properly communicate the scope of the work. This is more than a simple re-release or up-res -- given the input we've received from fans, mod makers and series veterans, the result is full-fledged remastering of nearly all aspects alongside the archival Classic versions. 

The site also contains a survey about some possible Collector's Edition options we're considering, based on your feedback from the previous survey.

This is only the beginning -- we'll have more details and updates soon!