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Gearbox Community Roundup - 11/13/2015

11.13.15 - Gearbox Staff

Battleborn's Closed Technical Test may have come to an end, but the Community Roundup has returned! This week we check out a Borderlands-themed hip-hop album and some excellent Tales from the Borderlands fan art!


There's always a lot to see when you're scouring the web looking at the amazing creations that the Gearbox community comes up with. Every now and then you come across a true gem. Last week, we uncovered one such gem: RPG-Unit.

RPG-Unit is a hip-hop group consisting of seven Borderlands fans who decided it would be cool to write and record a series of tracks based on the games. The resulting five-song EP is titled Rock, Paper, Genocide and it's a must-listen for any Borderlands fan. Producer and beat master DJ RoboRob tells us that, while it's fun and rewarding, writing an EP based on a game isn't always easy:

"It was tricky, since we lived in three different states. We wanted the concept of the album to mirror the concept of the game, told from the perspective of the characters we all know and love to play. After I would produce a beat, there were a lot of Google Hangout chats bouncing lyrics off each other. Once the writing process was done, everyone would record their vocals and send them to me so I could mix everything together in one cohesive song."

While there are currently no plans for more Borderlands tracks, they are eyeing Battleborn's May 3 release and it sounds like we may have some Battleborn themed tracks coming our way in 2016! You can keep up with RPG-Unit on SoundCloud and Facebook.


Tales from the ARTerlands

We wanted to serve up some awesome Tales from the Borderlands fan art alongside the recent release of episode five: The Vault of the Traveler! Heather Nunnelly is a life-long artist and longtime Borderlands fan whose Tumblr page is a treasure trove of awesome illustrations that feature some of Borderlands' and Tales from the Borderlands' most beloved characters. Heather gave us a sense of what it is that inspires her about Pandora and the characters that call it home:

"There are a lot of things. The creators put a lot of detail into their work. Everything the characters say and do matters. Even the silent scenes where a character is just reacting. An example of this is in Episode 4 of Tales where Handsome Jack mentions his daughter for the first time. The scene is short, all he says is that he wants to visit her, but the expression on his face says it all. In the matter of seconds we understand him as a character, how he feels about Angel, and how he relates with the world around him. It takes an alarming amount of storytelling talent to pull that off. I am also a member of the LGBTA community, and deeply appreciate the representation in the series. The fact that Athena and Janey are in a relationship amazes me. I also appreciate all the gay and bisexual men. It means a lot to us when we see these characters."


Find something that you'd like to see featured in a future Community Roundup? Drop a line in to Joe over at the official Gearbox forums!