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A Love Affair (part two)

01.11.08 - Allison

And so it happened, my love affair with my Wii





Oh sure, we had fun at first.  She loved parties, and my friends all liked her.  I mean, what's not to like?  She was cute, and young, and petite.  And she had a childlike innocence to her that I had found so attractive, in the beginning.  But as it turns out, she was just a passing fling.  Like all relationships based on surface attraction - once the initial passion wore off, that else was there? 

Now she sits there, staring at me day after day, and we just don't have fun anymore.  She keeps sending me messages, and stares at me with that piercing blue gaze until I read them.  She keeps meticulous track of the time we spent together, making me feel guilty for not being with her more.  After a while, I got tired of her games, and her constant need to be touched.  I started asking - what about my needs?  Sometimes a man wants to sit back, relax, and let someone else do the work.  Is that so wrong? The reality of it was that the real relationship couldn't ever live up to the fantasy.

So we drifted apart... and I started a relationship with another.  Ms. PS the third.  But it…didn't go very well - but aren't rebounds inevitably doomed to fail?  Don't get me wrong - she was attractive, in a dark, chunky-but-curvy kinda way.  (I've never minded them having a few extra pounds - I mean, look at my old Xbox, for crying out loud.)  She had been in town for a little while, but hadn't made many friends so far.  The new kid on the block, we all new it when she showed up, but she was kinda shy at first, though it seemed like she had something to say.  It took me a while to build up to giving her a try, but finally I took the plunge.  I tried - really, I did.  But we just never clicked, y'know?  She seemed cool at first, but it turned out that she just had no personality, no flair.  She hadn't really found her own style. So, perhaps predictably, this didn't last either. 

And my eye began to wander again.




How did I get this way?  How did things get so confusing?  I never used to waver before.  What happened to that monogamous PC gamer from my college days?  I was so straight-arrow, so steadfast and sure that what was being offered was better than anything else anyone had going on.

Sure, I had my flings over the years - didn't we all?  N64 was a nice diversion, though she was too old fashioned to keep my attention for long.  Dreamcast was cute, and pretty accessible to a guy like me - but she didn't last.  Xbox brought a certain maturity, and knew how to communicate well, even though she wasn't as popular with the "in crowd" at first.  Playstation was fun, especially after she cooled down and lost some weight to compete with her younger sister - because, of course, EVERYONE wanted PS2.


But things change.  A man hits his thirties, and he starts looking for something more.  He begins to value the ability to communicate, not just with him, but with the others in his life.  He realizes that time spent together is time invested in a relationship, and after a while it adds up to something more.

Then it hit me.  Maybe I had been going about this all wrong.  Maybe it wasn't about being skinny and petite, or dark and curvy.  Maybe it wasn't about the promise of a new thing, those exciting first few encounters when you learn all about each other.  Maybe the right one for me was the one I already knew.  The one I didn't have to try to win, who really made the effort to get to know me for who I really was?  The one who quietly sat at home, patiently awaiting the return of my attention.  Maybe that's who I should be spending my time with.  Maybe she wasn't as young and exciting as the others, but she had a lot going for her.

Sure - 360 and I hadn't always gotten along.  Our relationship had never been perfect, even from the start.  Sometimes she would let me down - we would be in the middle of things, having fun, and she would just stop.  No warning, nothing I was doing wrong - she would just freeze, and not want to play anymore.  It was like she would get so hot that she just couldn't take it, and shut me out.  Once it got so bad I had to send her away.  It killed me to do it, but what else could I do?  Sometimes you have to use tough love, you know? 




But eventually she sorted herself out, and she came back to me.  Things got better between us, after that.  After some time had gone by, she broadened her horizons, too.  Star Trek, Spiderman, Star Wars - even Transformers.  Sure, she didn't know much about any of these things, and hell, with some of them, she missed the point entirely - but she made the effort to get into the things I was into, and you have to give her points for that.  No one is perfect - but she tried.

But when I gave her all my attention, that's when she blossomed.  Halo.  Bioshock.  Mass Effect.  She figured out what really turned me on, and gave me what I wanted.  Sure, I had a quick fling with Metroid, but no one is perfect.  And I came back to her - isn't that what's really important?

Finally, it all started to make sense.  Sometimes the answer is in front of you all along, you just can't see it.  Sometimes it's not about the newest, the youngest, or the prettiest - but about the one you already know.


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