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Of Segways and 2K

01.18.08 - Allison

Being a game developer is hard work, and at Gearbox we're no stranger to that.  We also know that hard work needs some serious fun and stress relief.  At the Gearbox office, we enjoy a lot of cool toys - from Randy's personal pinball machines to our new arcade courtesy of Rick J.  Since this year's holiday, we added a new piece to our arsenal when Randy brought his rather unconventional Christmas present up to share with all of us.  It's a Segway.



Greg seems a bit confused as Randy and Melissa look on



Randy has had something of a fascination with this device for quite a while, but hadn't made the plunge to buy one for himself.  This Christmas, though, he was surprised when his wife, who had noticed his attraction to the device, got a hold of one for him.  As soon as we returned to the office from the holiday break, Randy brought it up to the office, eager to let all of us have a go with it.  People checked it out at a company meeting, and now you can frequently hear it buzzing up and down the hallways (usually followed by laughter and sometimes followed by frightened yelps).




Greg getting the hang of it


Recently, Borderlands publisher 2K came down to Texas to visit the offices, and of course we had to have them check out the Segway, too.  We even snagged some photos of Greg Gobbi (VP of Product Development at 2K) and Melissa Miller (Borderlands Producer at 2K) giving it a spin.  Melissa and Greg are responsible for making sure 2K's projects are of the best quality, and they both bring expert experience to the Gearbox - 2K relationship.   You may have seen Greg before when he and Ken Levine accepted the Game of the Year award for Bioshock at the Spike TV VGAs (coincidentally where we premiered the first Borderlands trailer).  



Melissa seems to be having fun!



Hope you enjoyed the photos, we thought you might get a kick out of them!  Check out the forum thread for discussion (and links to video of the ride)!