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Gearbox Halloween 2010!

11.01.10 - Adam Fletcher
Our winners for our Gearbox Halloween Costume Contest

You can check out all the pictures here!

Pumpkin Contest Winner
Ray Barham (with Aliens Chest Burst Pumpkin)

1st Place Costume
Kyle Pittman (as Pyramid Head, Silent Hill)

2nd Place Costume
Korri Kopsi (as Leeloo, The Fifth Element)

3rd Place Costume
Wade Callender (as the Most Interesting Man in the World)

Best Gearbox Employee Impersonation
Andrew Hoffman (as Gryf aka Michael Weber)

Best Gearbox Character/Team Spirit
Mikey Neumann (as Scooter, Borderlands)

Best Twins
James Cart & Brad Sierzega (as Kick-Ass)

Best Star Wars Character
Stacie Johnston (as Princess Leia)

Most Accurate
Jeramy Cooke (as Minecraft Cube)

Most DEVO-ted Costume
Steve Jones, Stephen Bahl, Randy Pitchford, Brian Martel (The Gearbox Partners) (as Devo)

Most Hilarious
Zach Ford (as Alan Garner, The Hangover)

Congrats to our winners and Happy Halloween from Gearbox! :)